Garden Fresh Salads

Try any one of our garden fresh salads finely prepared just for you! We host a delicious variety of options to choose from so take a moment to browse and see what all we have to offer!

  • Cole Slaw
    Creamy mayonnaise cole slaw with cabbage, carrots, and other fresh vegetables.
  • Fruit Salad
    Seasonal fresh fruits blend together to make a colorful, fresh salad.
  • Pasta Salad
    Made fresh and always delicious in a variety of ways!
  • Chicken Salad
    Our famous chicken salad made with pecans is served on whole wheat bread, homemade puffs or w/ toasted pita triangles
  • Garden Salad
    Fresh iceburg lettuce tossed with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and potato sticks. Comes with your choice of three dressings or our famous salad bar. You make it the way you like.

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